'the Asset Library' means the Asset Management System where assets are uploaded and stored ready for downloading by registered users

'Assets' are defined as any file stored for sharing in 'the Asset Library' including but not limited to image, video, text and audio files

'Crisis' refers to Crisis UK (trading as Crisis). Registered Charity Numbers: E&W1082947,SC040094. Company Number: 4024938

'Partners' means any organisation authorised by Crisis to access and utilise assets stored in ‘the Asset Library’

'the Individual Asset Copyright' means the information relating to a particular asset's permission for use as seen in the displayed metadata at the point of viewing the asset and means the information given within the 'Expiry date' and 'Copyright' fields

1. By accessing / downloading from / uploading to the Asset Library, you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

2. These Terms and Conditions will apply every time you access the Asset Library. Crisis reserves the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions without notice.

3. You agree to comply with all terms of the Individual Asset Copyright in addition to these Terms and Conditions including any restrictions of use.

4. You agree when uploading assets to comply with any terms imposed by the copyright holder in the protection of their copyright in the assets, including, but not limited to, any limitation or restrictions of use and any expiry dates applicable to assets as may be set out in the Individual Asset Copyright information or elsewhere.

5. You agree when uploading assets to accurately record whether or not consent has been given to Crisis in writing by any subjects featured in the asset to use the asset to promote the work of the charity.

6. You agree to use the assets exclusively for the purpose for which they are made available, more specifically, you agree not to use the assets in a manner or for any purpose that could be deemed offensive or derogatory.

7. You may not exploit the assets for commercial or financial gain in any way.

8. You may not distribute, supply or transfer the assets to third parties other than for purposes related to their authorised use.

9. You must delete downloaded assets directly after their initial approved usage has been fulfilled. You may not keep copies of downloaded assets in any form unless otherwise authorised by a system administrator.

10. Employees of Crisis or partners may only download assets in the exercise of their employment or partnership with Crisis and not for personal use.

11. Employees of Crisis who download any asset contrary to any terms of the Individual Asset Copyright and contrary to these Terms and Conditions may face disciplinary action by Crisis.

12. Your use of the Asset Library and any asset accessed via the Asset Library is subject to all applicable national and international laws and regulations as well as any third party terms and conditions in the Individual Asset Copyright at the time you access such assets.

13. Employees and third parties who download and use the assets in breach of these Terms and Conditions and the Individual Asset Copyright, agree to indemnify Crisis and keep Crisis indemnified for any claims made against it as a result of such breach.

I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and by ticking this box I agree to be bound by them.
I agree to the above terms and conditions.
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